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All too often, windows are an afterthought when decorating a room. But the right window treatment can pull the whole room together. Floor to Door offers an extensive collection of window fashions from shutters to woven woods to wood blinds, and from cornice boards to valances. All of these window fashions come with a wide range of styles and colors to choose from so you can achieve the look that you want.
After putting your house together, selecting paint, flooring, and more, you may find yourself missing that something extra. A proper window treatment can be that something extra. Through window treatments, you can really turn that room from "good" to "perfect". We offer a wide variety of treatment options to choose from to help match the look you are looking for. From a variety of colors to materials, we are sure to have something to fit your needs.
Window treatments are not merely for looks. With the right blinds or shutters, you can also better manage your home's energy usage. By managing how much light is let in, you can find that balance between lighting and cooling that is essential in combating rising energy costs. This combination of form and function makes window treatments an obvious choice for the avid home decorator.
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